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Mistress Tokyo of Sydney


I'm a Professional Dominatrix in Sydney, Australia with over 12yrs experience. I conduct sessions in My own private fully equipped studio close to the CBD. My style is intuitive & intense. My sessions are BDSM, Fetish-oriented. I enjoy light to heavy play where players can push their boundaries. Whether sensual or strict, pleasure is reward for satisfying Me.


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Alex Vicia of Melbourne


Fetish/BDSM - Live it, Breathe it,Love it, Lifestyler 24/7 & Professional Dominatrix. Specialising in but not limited to Bondage, CP, Latex, Medical. 5 min from CBD, Melbourne.

Alex Vicia




Mistress Gabrielle


My name is Mistress Gabrielle, however, I am also nicknamed Cuntress, dominating slaves, subs and devotees with all forms of BDsM, both in person, on the net and in videos. I am lucky enough to be the owner and creator of The Fetish Palace, I have been working professionally for over 12 years now. Although I am an intense, no-nonsense strict Mistress, I am also playful & easy to get along with, you will be both spellbound & mesmerised by the sadistic glint in My eyes, as I take great delight in seducing the pain and pleasure from your body.

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Mistress Saleme of Sydney


I am an intelligent, sensual, curvaceous dominatrix based in Sydney, Australia. With my willing submissives, I regularly indulge in the delights of B&D,  role-play, humiliation, body worship, sensory deprivation, CBT, medical play, fantasy, latex, cross-dressing, watersports...and many other kinky pleasures. As I am quietly spoken, I feel no need to raise my voice, rather, I prefer to command submission through a calm and confident presence.


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Mistress Vervain of Melbourne TRANSGENDER


A lover of fashion, fantasy, leather, the sensual heaven of rubber and plastic, classy and ever so slightly gothic and perverse, I can be sensual, playful and cruel. My favorite things are bondage and mummification. Those drawn to humiliation and dirty thoughts would also find a place at my feet.

Mistress Vervain



Mrs Birch of Sydney


I am a strict, Victorian style Disciplinarian in my mid 40's with genuine old-fashioned values. I provide a discreet, professional service to naughty adults in need of strict old-fashioned discipline. Traditional English, scholastic and domestic styles of punishment are my speciality.

Mrs Birch 



Miss Penelope Dreadful


Professional Dominatrix ::: Filthy Pervert ::: Smiling Sadist ::: Pleasure Addict ::: Authentic Alpha Female I revel in role play - the more perverse, peculiar, layered or luscious the better. I have a penchant for fabulous cocks, luxurious latex, mind-fuckery, sensory stimulation & all manner of delightful and downright dirty deeds. If you feel your desires are too perverse, uncomfortable, or if they skip along the edge of your delicate sensibilities, I think that we will get along just fine.

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Mistress Kalyss Mercury of Brisbane


With years of experience in the scene, an Ivy League Psychology degree and a passion for decadence and Kalyss will take your breath away and leave you mesmerized with Her Divinity. A descendant of the French Aristocracy, She is a natural Queen. Therefore She accepts nothing less than utter devotion.

Mistress Kalyss Mercury

Mistress Serena


I adore what I do, and take great delight in playing with respectful fetishists, masochists, submissives, slaves and bottoms. You should feel confident to acknowledge your innermost fantasies in a safe, relaxed and trusting space. With many years experience gained at working at Salon Kitty’s as a Professional Dominatrix, and a personal passion for all things kinky and perverted I enjoy taking you to that space so you can serve a powerful woman.

Mistress Serena


Ms. Jadis of Sydney


Mistress Jadis is an experienced, classically trained dominatrix. She conducts sessions from a clean, extremely well equipped dungeon in Sydney’s Inner West. A versatile and creative player, she enjoys sessions ranging from creative role play scenarios to discipline, cbt, humiliation and bondage.


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MsJadis PM

Fetish House of Melbourne


Fetish House is one of only a small number of legally permitted and licensed BDSM venues in Australia - a custom-built venue featuring 6 fully equipped play rooms. At Fetish House you can find a Mistress, Master, submissive or play partner. Our staff are some of the most well-trained in Australia with many dedicated worshipers. We offer private room hire. You may come in for a guided tour. Please contact us by telephone: +61 3 9544 8384 Our address: 1 Edinburgh Street, Oakleigh South, Victoria, Australia.

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Mistress Artemisia de Vine


Wickedly Creative Goddess of Elagent Perversion. I take charge with an elegant, cat-like grace and confidence born of natural dominance, intelligent perception and a deep knowledge of the hidden world of dark fantasies. I delight in pulling your strings and making you dance to my tune… to the tune that is also reflected deep within you… I love that unmasked moment of surrender, where you cannot be anything but your true self. Witnessed, held, taken… Corporal Punishment, GS, Role Play, Control, Slave training, D/s, CBT, humiliation & more.


Mistress Artemisia 


Mistress Lux of Melbourne


I am a Head Mistress at Fetish House in Melbourne with over 18 years experience in the sex industry including 5 as a Mistress. Specialising in (but not limited to) psychological play including fear play, head fuck, humiliation, degradation, interrogation as well as CBT, sensory overload and deprivation. I session in a purpose built dungeon with 6 fully equipped rooms for every scenario with specialty equipment. SWA 4228BE

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Mistress Imperia of Sydney


I am an Australian Mistress conducting sessions in Sydney. I am a highly experienced, creative dominant and spent the first 12 years of my professional career at the world renowned Salon Kitty's. I have just opened my own immaculate, fully equipped modern dungeon, medical room and cross dress studio. Located close to the CBD.

Mistress Imperia




Mistress Adira of Gold Coast


I am a creative, sophisticated, compassionate, intuitive Domme with a sadistic bent and a sensual aura. My 10+ years in My craft on a Lifestyle and Professional basis has given Me the consummate skills to harness the physical, spiritual and cerebral aspects of domination in My well equipped premises. I am perceptive to the idiosyncracies of your forbidden desires and darkest obsessions and relish the dynamics of play, from sensually light through to intensely cruel.

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