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By Pandemos, Jul 4 2017 06:49PM

Greetings lovers and losers!

Paris, votre nouvelle reine est arrivée !

Its been a tumultuous couple of months, but the dust has finally started to settle. After three glorious years at Chez Bellatrix in Buckinghamshire, it was time to pack it all up and start the next chapter of My life – in Paris.

I have been visiting the French capital on Domme Tour since 2013, however, I have been travelling to Paris for a lot longer. I have always dreamed of living in this fine city so now I have decided to make it a reality. However, touring a city and living there are two different things.

It will take some time for Me to truly establish Myself here, however I am pleased to report that I am now operating out of a fully equipped private dungeon in the 10th arrondisement. The dungeon features a bondage bed, whipping bench and gynae-chair and also has a large selection of toys for all sorts of Femdom scenarios.

I will be in Paris for all of May and June. I am looking forward to seeing My long suffering Parisian slaves. But I also welcome new slaves to come forward and visit Me.

I already have an established crew of photographers in and around Paris and I'll be having My first shoot at the new premises soon. I'll be sure to include new content in My next update. But in the meantime, if you're a film slave living in Paris, I may be recruiting soon (tribute applies).

Visit My site for more details!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

PS: French lessons start next week. Newsletters will be bilingual soon...

By Pandemos, Sep 6 2016 07:00PM

I am delighted to announce that a new procedure has been added to my medical repertoire.

Scrotal inflation is now available in my Preston White Room.

A full single use sterile kit is provided for each patient.

So gentlemen, if you have ever fantasised about having a big heavy pair of balls swinging between your legs, now is the time to run along to my clinic and get your body mod operation.

Visit my news page for more information about the scrotal infusion procedure itself, photos and prices -

A wide range of other medical treatments are also available including: Anal examinations and stretching, health checks, pissplay, electric treatment, breath control, enemas, catheters and sounding. I have a nice range of latex and traditional uniforms I can wear to help bring your medical fetish fantasies to life.

My Preston White Room is open on weekdays from 12 noon. Sessions strictly by appointment.

By Pandemos, Apr 13 2016 06:00PM

A number of My clients seem to enjoy the whole CFNm (Clothed Female Naked male) scenario – which is fortuitous as I always expect males to be naked when they are serving Me! Indeed, each and every slave is instructed to strip naked in front of Me at the commencement of their first appointment whilst I relax on My red leather sofa and watch them intently. Once they are completely naked I fit sturdy leather cuffs to their wrists and secure their hands above their head to a strong chain that hangs from a hook in a high beam in My lounge specifically for this purpose so that they are helpless & ready for Me to inspect them. I delight in walking around them in one of My sexy fetish outfits inspecting them intimately – especially their penis & testicles of course which I will handle so as to be able to assess whether they are to My liking.

Many slaves become erect of course – no doubt from the sight of My voluptuous figure and the excitement of wondering what is about to befall them and I often admonish them for daring to become erect without first being given My express permission to do so. A rough yank of their erection with My gloved hand or a hard squeeze of their testicles (or even a swift kick from My boot to their balls) will remind them exactly who is in charge and I imagine the feeling of being totally naked & helpless in front of Me with their genitals completely at My mercy is both exciting and frightening in equal measure!

Once a slave has been inspected in this manner I will hold his cock & balls tightly in my hand whilst I move in close to advise him that he now belongs entirely to Me and is My possession – to use & abuse in any way I may desire. Of course the temptation to administer a few hard blows with My crop across their naked buttocks is always hard to resist as they are powerless to do anything other than stand their and take whatever punishment I may decide to mete out. Whilst trailing My nails across their quivering naked body I will explain that I expect absolute obedience at all times before I fit a leather cock-strap to their genitals and clip on a chain lead, finally releasing their hands from above their head and dragging them through into My playroom by their cock-lead ready to commence their servitude to Me.

It is My rule that a slave will always be naked in My presence – even when carrying out domestic or gardening duties around My luxurious home and I particularly enjoy power-dressing in a smart-but-sexy business suit over black lingerie teamed with black seamed stockings & spike-heeled Louboutins whilst they remain totally naked. I have a very good friend (Mistress Lara) who lives locally & often visits Me and we take great delight in having a naked slave serve us tea or Champagne as we laugh at his ridiculous body & penis. Mistress Lara has a particular penchant for ball-busting and can be extremely vicious when raining powerful kicks into a hapless slave’s scrotum should he fail to satisfy her in some way – or even just for the pure pleasure of doing so!

The advantage of having a totally secluded outdoor play-area is that I can also take a naked slave outside if I choose to do so. This facility was particularly useful today when I led a naked slave outside and laid him on My patio area to administer a soaking by using him as My personal toilet. With the weather being somewhat cool at this time of year, I slipped on My full-length white (fake) fur coat over My black corset with stockings & stilettos and led him naked through the door that leads straight out onto My patio. Instructing him to lay down on the cold paving slabs I positioned My toilet stool over his face, removed My lace panties, and (first opening My coat to avoid any splashes) I settled Myself down onto the seat so that My sex was just inches from his face. Instructing him to open his mouth in readiness, I then proceeded to relieve Myself straight into his face, laughing when I heard him coughing as he attempted to swallow the hot liquid as it gushed into his mouth!

Once I had finished relieving Myself onto him I stood up and wrapped my coat back around Me to keep out the chill & looked down at him laying in a puddle of his Mistress’s golden liquid with steam actually rising from his soaked face – his hair matted & soaked with piss. “Now you can lay there until you are dry” I instructed him and was about to turn on My heel and get back into the warmth of My home when I noticed that his penis was poking erect & throbbing from beneath his fat belly. “Oh God, how disgusting!” I exclaimed and turned back so as to be able to dig My sharp stiletto into the soft flesh off his scrotum making him yelp with pain. “How dare you be erect without first asking My permission!” I scolded him using the sole of My Louboutin to squash his throbbing erection. Finally aiming a sharp kick to his ball-bag which made him cry out in pain, I turned and left him laying there wet & cold with a sore ball-bag, retiring to the comfort of My lounge where I relaxed whilst he ‘drip-dried’ out on the cold patio (I checked on him occasionally through the window and was amused to see him laying there naked & shivering). I did finally allow him in to shower & dress before he returned to the ‘real’ world and judging by the smile on his face as he left he had certainly enjoyed Me using him as My own personal urinal.

I thought you might enjoy this snap (taken in warner times) of a naked slave awaiting ‘refreshment’ in My outdoor play area. He certainly is about to ‘take the piss!’

By Pandemos, Apr 12 2016 06:00PM

We have an extensive range of rubber outfits masks,re breathing hoods ,body bags and medical rubber wear for all your wet hot rubber fantasies.

In the medical clinic you can choose from a wardrobe of purpose made latex outfits to be encased in in whilst the nurse carries out her various treatments.

And of course we must not forget the rubber female transformation room for all dollification ,enforced feminisation and rubber sissy play.

For more information please visit Madame C's website;

By Pandemos, Apr 9 2016 06:00PM

Hi A/all,

I'm flying to Japan for a week from this Sunday 10th April for a 5 day Aikido Tour!

I've not been back in Japan for Aiki for 4 years now, so I'm really looking forward to this quick stint training in My chosen martial art in it's beautiful country of origin!

My availabilities in Sydney around My tour dates are:

In Sydney Sat 9th

Unavailable Sun 10 to Sun 17

Available in Sydney again April 18, 10am

I'll be available on My phone during this time, but only for text messages. Therefore, please email Me instead and we can converse about sessions on My return!

There is only a 1hr time difference between Sydney and Tokyo, but do expect delays due to My time being mainly spent in transit between dojos and on the mats!

Best, with awase!