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By Pandemos, Dec 6 2017 02:45PM

Greetings lovers and losers!

After a few whirlwind weeks of taking care of personal matters, I am now fully geared to resume real time sessions although with limited availability. Writing from My palatial boudoir near Glastonbury, I would like to announce My forthcoming tour dates. I haven't toured much in 2017 so I have decided that I will be on the road for most of the first quarter before eventually settling back in Paris.

LONDON – December 4 to 14

As per usual, I will be sessioning from a private dungeon in Swiss Cottage, NW3. It is fully equipped complete with suspension and a separate medical room. It is the perfect setting for heavy rubber or extended sessions and overnight caging is available as well! I will be teaming up with My partner in crime Miss Mighty for double sessions. Advance booking is strongly recommended. Deposit required.

GLASTONBURY – December 16 to 27

This will be My home base in between tours for the next few months. I will be sessioning from a boutique hotel just outside of Glastonbury in very plush four poster bed boudoir. I travel with an extensive selection of implements and a vast wardrobe of latex, leather, lingerie and fetish footwear. No same day sessions at this location and deposit will also be required.

I will be returning to Paris again in mid January on tour but exact dates are not confirmed. Scotland is still a contender and I am also in the midst of researching a tour to the far east. I've made it no secret that I am on a quest for global domination. And that's what I will do.


C4S has a fantastic competition on right now until mid January so I've decided to tie it in with a free custom clip promotion. Between now and January 15th, if you spend $100 on clips in one go, you'll get a free ten minute custom clip! Spend $150, get a 15 minute custom. Spend $200, get a 20 minute clip and so on! To be eligible, you must use the special link below.

I look forward to seeing all of My long suffering UK slaves and meeting those new slaves who have been yearning to meet Me in My absence.

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix

By Pandemos, May 21 2016 09:00AM


I am pleased to announce My next London Mistress session dates.

I will hosting sessions from The Hoxton Dungeon Suite in London.

The premises boasts of both BDSM and None BDSM space meaning all session types can be catered for from mild to extreme BDSM and also more sensual sessions in the more vanilla areas of the facilities. The bath looks rather inviting maybe one of you boys will be lucky enough to bathe your Mistress and indulge her in a full body massage in the luxurious bedroom – I do love being massaged all over My body with oils. If you are very lucky you may be allowed to take Me out to dinner. Will this be before or after My massage!

I do believe there is lots of rubber at My disposal and I will be bringing plenty with Me too! How about a double rubber session?

For those who have had the pleasure of this you will know our sessions are like no other. Kink and laughter the perfect mix! All aspects of BDSM covered.

Please note if I have not seen you before a deposit will be required via bank transfer. Advanced bookings preferred but I will accommodate same day sessions where ever I can. Sessions will be available until very late evening.

All bookings should be made via telephone or the booking form through the link below;

In the meantime I am in Manchester every day

Mistress Saphire

By Pandemos, Jan 28 2016 11:01AM

A day with my Beautiful Mistress is always something to so look forward to and be so very excited about, and after what had seemed so long I was on my way to serve Mistress to be her sissy toy her plaything for the day again. Of course I was locked in chastity and as instructed by Mistress wearing very pretty panties and my soft very shiny velvet touch tights,which were mmmmm to wear. As always my mind was full of so many thoughts of what Mistress had in store for me as all I had been told was that I was going to be teased and tormented relentlessly, and not by just Mistress but also Mistress Jenny too…. OH MY !!!

So my mind was full of double sissy thoughts lol. What would this sweet shy innocent sissy by subjected to ?, with that as like magic my car seem to speed up.

And then yes greeting me at the door was my Beautiful Mistress, looking as stunning as ever, and with a very wicked smile on her face and that glint in her eyes that was telling me “sissy you are in for a wicked day”.

After the greetings I was made to strip as Mistress and Mistress Jenny watched me, and they both inspected me very closely and thoroughly and very intimately teasing my chastity device a lot.

Mistress then told me what was in store for me, well the first part of the day I was to be made up dressed and transformed into Stephanie and taken out for morning coffee and some shopping, now Stephanie is always very nervous about going out but like a good sissy she knows she has to obey. And then my transformation was began with Mistress doing my make up and Mistress Jenny doing my nails, Stephanie was starting to feel so happy, but also so nervous about going out. Very pretty white lace bra and panties were slipped on, and over the panties was some very glossy tan tights, and Mistress wanted me to look as girly as possible so a very tight rubber was fitted to me to gave me a very feminine waist, that garment along with the panties and bra made Stephanie feel so very controlled which of course she is and needs to be. Over my tights Mistress had me put on some very shiny leggings with a little skirt attached, and over her padded bra a satin blouse was done up, and goodness if you are like me you know the effect satin has on a sissy. Boots were slipped on and a wide belt fitted to my waist to emphasize it even more, with a coat and gloves and silk scarf on and sprayed with Mistress’s own perfume I was ready.

I had no idea where we were going, but on the journey I was told if It had been a bit warmer I would have been taken to some woods and tied to a tree, but that now would have to wait to later in the year (gulp).We arrived at a very olde world antique centre with a café attached, now my heart was racing as Mistress took my arm and led me to entrance, we wondered about looking at so many lovely things, and a section which had vintage clothing which so took us all back to our youth. And then time for coffee and teacakes, and as we sat there Mistress and Mistress Jenny were discussing all the mistakes I had made and Mistress was writing them down in her little black book saying to me ” Stephanie all these faults will be dealt with on our return home”.

I knew then I was in trouble well I always am (smiles).Then it was time to head home, and though so very nervous which Mistress loved It was a very lovely experience being out with tow so lovely Mistress’s.

As soon as we were in the house I was again made to strip to my white lace panties and the tights. And Mistress dressed me in my white sissy frilly dress, flared out by a very frilly waist petticoat. With new pink lipstick applied, Mistress Jenny took me into the lounge where I was told to kneel and wait. Mistress came in stating I was not to move one inch, Mistress Jenny took a lot of pictures of me and with that Mistress came in and sat right in front of me. And instructed me to touch her black tights to feel how soft and shiny they felt, Stephanie was floating away in sissy heaven, with that Mistress instructed to fetch my chastity key which was on a ribbon and bring it to her in my teeth and on my return Mistress instructed me to with my mouth place it inside her satin panties which she had on over her tights, so very carefully and slowly I did as I was told, but then Mistress told me to stop, as now She wanted the key inside her tights so close to her body so the key and ribbon would then have her aroma on them, and after quite a long time I was told with my mouth again to retrieve the key again with my mouth, this made Stephanie even more excited and so straining at her chastity device.

Then i was left again and told that when the bell rings I was to in very small sissy steps, walk to the medical examination room, where I would be subjected to a very close medical inspection. As I stood there in front of the medical examination chair my dress was folded up and i was told to sit place my legs in the stirrups, which Mistress secured with straps and waist straps were buckled up tight so i was completely helpless and at the mercy of Mistress and Mistress Jenny, with my legs wide, Mistress ripped my tights open so she had access to my restrained cock and my bottom. For being naughty earlier in the day as Mistress slowly unlocked me my excitement showed, Mistress decided I had to be punished, and as I watched in the large mirror in front of me, electrics were fitted to me and plugged in, with that Mistress told me I was to caress hers and Mistress’s Jenny’s tights encased thighs and bottoms.

Mistress Jenny switched on the attached electrics to start my further teasing and torment, with Mistress attaching more electric pads to my thighs and decided i was to be plugged to again with electrics attached, It was decided then that I had enough pleasure stroking the nylon clad legs of Mistress, with that my hands were secured so now i was totally at the mercy of them both. With electrics being switched from low power to high, they both smiled and laughed at my struggles in my tight bondage. With the electrics still attached Mistress placed a vibrator on my so sensitive parts, I tried to wriggle away but my bounds held me so tight and at Mistress’s command Mistress Jenny to placed another vibrator and the same part Now I was losing control and with smiles on there faces I exploded.

What Mistress didn’t tell me was that I was to be totally encased in rubber as a latex maid for failing to keep control inside my chastity device.

I was taken to the rubber bondage room for transformation into a rubber doll…..Oh My…..a rubber sissy doll….

Stephanie Belle xx

For more details about Madame C please vists her site beow;

By Pandemos, Jan 19 2016 09:50AM

Greetings lovers and losers!

Before the year was already up, I had begun planning my onslaught for 2016. I have never made it a secret that I am on a quest for Global Domination and this year I plan to make My mark on the world.

With that I am pleased to announce that I am the official sponsor for Pandemos in 2016!

I will be making My debut in Milan between February 15th to 17th so all you Italian subbies better be prepared! I will be taking up residency in Paris again in March but exact dates to follow. It has been some time since I've made it back to the west coast so I am planning on an epic tour this summer!

Much closer to home, I am pleased that operations at My privately run chambers in Buckinghamshire are running smoothly and I continue to make improvements to the facilities week upon week. I offer a chic domestic setting including a sexy boudoir and of course an equipped dungeon with furniture from Fetters. I am also currently in the midst of creating a medical room which should be completed some time in February.

While most of My business has shifted to Buckinghamshire, I still continue to session in London from a new fully equipped dungeon in Swiss Cottage. It is completely equipped with hydraulic suspension and all the bondage gear you could imagine along with an authentic medical room. However, now days in London I will require a minimum 90 minute booking with 48 hours.

And last but not least, My super shiny members' site is growing week by week! There are loads of videos of Me getting up to no good in shiny latex along side some of the hottest names in Femdom and Fetish. With new video updates and photo sets added weekly, as well as My personal blogs about My rubbery lifestyle.

With so much going on, you'll have to check back regularly to keep track of the wicked world of Bellatrix!

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix


Milan February 15th to 17th

By Pandemos, Dec 21 2015 10:00AM

Greetings lovers and losers!

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, street levels and libido are at an all time high! Spending time with your favourite Mistress is the perfect way to unwind and forget about your world woes. With that I would like to announce My availability over the Christmas period.

I will be available for sessions from My private opulent chambers in Buckinghamshire from Thursday, December 17th straight through until New Year’s Eve. That includes sessioning over Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Same day sessions may be possible at this location, but advance booking is highly recommended during the festive season.

I am also available for sessions in Hampstead, London during this period but please note that I will require a minimum booking of 90 minutes and 48 hours’ notice.

As for Christmas Day, I will be offering the ultimate Femdom GFE experience. Spend the day with Me in My personal chambers, pamper Me, spoil Me rotten, massage My perfectly pedicured feet, keep My champagne glass topped up all the while keeping Me in the mood for some festive fuckery. Special holiday tribute applies for one lucky loser.

I can hear the slave bells ringing all throughout the festive season….and I, sure you want to be a part of My holiday harem!

If you can’t serve Me in person, show your Christmas little something from My wishlist.

Best wishes,

Lady Bellatrix