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By Pandemos, Apr 28 2017 10:00AM

It was the first time I done a one – one bdsm session with a real professional domme … This needed for me long time to decide to “try” this in real , as I only limited myself to online experiences and sessions cam to cam till now … I live with the feeling to submit in this lifestyle since I’m really young , but due to family issues , I never was able to “pass the door” to real time and kept all for my mind only … This way , I always stayed close to this world using the net , knowing many mistress’s website and I think I turned to be able to recognize who seem to be serious and who can be less … Domina M was someone I classified as a real pro since long time , without thinking I will do my first real meeting with her one day …

Then , it was this april month , after I discovered Domina M created a new space play in the center of Paris … I though about some days , and decided to write her an email … Mistress answered me clearly and we planned my first rendez vous quickly …

I don’t want to describe here how we proceed to organize our first meeting , I will not describe the session too , as I think all these details are personal and not interesting for you … What is more I think , is a review about the clean , the serious , the way to be attentive Mistress was with me , and how I felt and lived my first real time experience …

I arrived to the Mistress’s dungeon, excited and frightened and Mistress M received me with kindness and attention … Mistress knows perfectly how to manage myself for this first meeting , considerating me as I was (a little shy I guess, and impressed), really sweet asking to me , and explaining clearly how the session will works … Mistress was attentive to my desires (that im really not sure I was able to explain clearly in my bad English and with the fact I was really impressed again …) and worked naturally to distress and relax me before the start of the session …

Mistress explained me a simple rule to obey … Don’t ask without permission during the session …

In my head, I had some other ideas about rules for this sort of session …

Never watch a mistress directly in her eyes. Always keep my head down. Never stop the work asking for something special. Don’t forget to ask before the start about an eventual “safeword” … What I forgot to do …

The dungeon was perfectly clean , not too big but well equipped with heavy material of good quality …

And Mistress M was beautiful, dressed as I dreamed to discover her ( we shared about it before by mail as I have a strong fetish for latex ) and showed a strict way to demonstrate power , control , all with attention and ability to “read” you and put you in a sort of mix between trust and fear …

Then the session started … Again I will not describe all in details , but what’s important to know is I planned with Mistress M a 5 hours session that turned to be done in 3 main works perfectly managed by her …

To start was a sort of important “protocol” , being collared on knees , then a little work to “present” who is who and how it will works …

The first part of the session was mixing ropes bondage and a long beautiful work around hits starting by hand to finish with a cane … My back and ass still remember this beautiful time , slowly progressing from light to heave , to pain , alternating with nails works to make my body react under the ropes … A real great time under the hits , always done with precision , clearly showing changes of power , and the constant pressure of Mistress M working around …

Then , Mistress M worked on my nipples for almost the same amount of time , mixing the level of pain , pleasure and body reactions in a constant progress to finish at a level I never though I could be able to endure … Mistress M offering a beautiful time ordering me to watch her in her eyes , and I could discover how she seemed to have a real pleasure making me suffering with her smile ( I would never forgot this moment …).

After these intense times , Mistress M offering me a little break to relax in her clean bathroom, asking to use well this time to be ready for more … And an heavy bondage …

This was the third part of the session , totally immobilized and again really progressive , first in the bondage as I was totally immobilized in a leather bag when Mistress M added some elaborated rope works on my head , to immobilize it , limit my ability to cry and increase my fear … It was an other way to work around me , limiting my ability to admire her and eventually react … Again , her work was progressive , from light work around my nipples to more heavy like sounds and needles done with precision and without hesitation … Mistress M kept my attention all the time , managing time I didn’t saw her with works on my nipples , really close to me and really pleasant … The end was done progressively too , with the liberation of my head , and when I though it will be the end , Mistress surprised me applying a gasmask and staying close to my head , managing to lock my breathe till I react … A delicious time …

When the session stopped , Mistress M stayed with me and we shared a little time about my first impressions … What’s important to have in mind is that I cant stop to think about this beautiful time offered to us , for us , in a total trust , that I would definitely do again , more and more and progress in my ability to endure and submit , and in my way to please to Mistress M (that is a real strong motivation) …

I would like to sign again for a long time in the hands of Domina M , but what I can ask as feedback about this session is :

I felt a real progression in all the works done … 3 stages during five hours could seem to be long for someone new in this world , but I never felt any boring time , and even some disappointment when any stages of the session turned to the end … I think the progression is done to let the work operate well , and offer the possibility for the Mistress to read our reactions and manage about it …

Mistress M was perfect to read me , my ability to endure and feel her work … Her presence was permanent even when I wasn’t able to see her , and all the work was done in clean and trustful environment , managing perfectly pleasure and pain alternatively, and even fear when Mistress interact surprising you …

Mistress M stayed attentive to my feedback just after the session , and by mails too , after the sweet time you need to recover your though in casual life … Yes , this session was a real turn on for me , and a real time offered to me to live a dream , and stay long time in a sort of “subspace” particularly sweet …

Definitely I would like to do again ! I felt Domina M like a real professional Mistress , clean , attentive , seductive and perfectly knowing his job , able to instinctively “read” her slaves and manage the work around … I felt secured in an exciting environment, and beautifully drived into this world so full of mystery for me … I still dream again for a new time in his hands , dream to discover more and more and dream about Mistress M as my mentor to do …

I hope this feedback about my first time session with Mistress M in Paris will help you to go and discover her


By Pandemos, Dec 30 2014 11:55AM

Globetrotting Domina, the Asian Goddess Miss Kaila Yi, has just posted a message for all of Her adoring slaves around the world. Sending Her message from the wintery conditions in Colorado, Miss Kaila Yi is just about to set-off on yet more of Her travels, so have a good read and enjoy what She has to inform you all about.............

"Happy belated Thanksgiving from beautiful, crisp Colorado. This update will be an exercise in brevity as I will be boarding a flight to Cancun and onward to Tulum early tomorrow morning.

In the spirit of the holiday season, I just posted a very special gift for My loyal subs, slaves, and followers around the world. My Worship Gallery may now be viewed with updated, completely untouched/unedited photos from My latest photoshoot.

My Goddess Travels Gallery has also been updated with recent snapshots from My travels to Japan, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Thailand, Bali, Morocco, Switzerland, the UK, Necker Island, and other places I've had the pleasure of snowboarding, exploring, and adventuring this year. Enjoy worshipping My new images and make sure you do your holiday shopping early this year.

I am thrilled to announce that I will be returning to the Bay Area from December 7-10 and visiting Washington DC for the very first time from December 10-15. SF and DC, prepare yourselves for Me.

Obedient subs, old and new slaves, and respectful fetishists and masochists ready to serve Me during My upcoming travels must thoroughly complete a session request form for consideration:


December 30-January 4


January 4-5


January 5-8


January 8-10


January 11-15


January 16-19


January 19-23


January 23-25


January 25-27


January 27-29


January 29-February 2


February 2-5


February 5-10


February 10-12


February 12-16

I am slowly but surely working through My massive influx of e-mails. I am touched to have received hundreds of messages from subs and slaves around the world who have expressed support, love, and concern about My impending retirement. I have read many of your messages imploring Me to consider postponing My retirement to sometime next year. It is true that My announcement was rather late in 2014, leaving limited time for subs/slaves who wished to see and serve Me to have the opportunity to do so a final time. Know that your collective voices are heard and being considered"

For more information, please visit:

By Pandemos, Sep 19 2014 06:44PM

“Down Under” in Australia, the seasons are changing, and Melbourne’s Miss Alex Vicia is making plans for even more intense activities based upon the same period in 2013:

She is now available for Tuesday afternoon and early evening appointments, although Mistress did stress:

“I will NOT be on shift – this will be by appointment only ! These sessions will be for a minimum of one hour, and need to be booked in advance.”

Following her recent blog posts, Miss Alex Vicia happily confirmed that “My wonderful leather wardrobe is coming along nicely, and I will be dedicating time for some new web shots in the near future !”

For more info, please visit:

By Pandemos, Sep 14 2014 08:00AM

Want to know how to do this ? Contact Mistress Tokyo !

Sydney’s Mistress Tokyo has been in touch to announce an expansion of Her field of operations and expertise……and there are few more “expert” than this Globe-trotting Domina !

Over the last couple of years people have, with increasing frequency, asked Me whether I provide "training" or private classes outside the workshops I facilitate.

Usually, these are people who have seen Me do My shibari rope in a workshop or a performance and want to learn how to tie. Some also are curious about going deeper into SM, either as a couple or single person looking to up-skill. I'm happy say that those who want to benefit from My skills in a one-on-one context can now do so !”

Mistress Tokyo is delighted to announce that She is now offering two streams of training:

"Shibari Lessons" and "Couples BDSM Training" , and already the reaction has been incredible !

“I've had a such a response to this notion I've created a new page on My site here devoted to just training!”

Shibari Lessons:

Mistress Tokyo has have trained under some of the best Nawashi and Shibari practitioners in the world:

I have formed My own style, influenced by Satomi (Osaka) and Osada Steve (Tokyo). I combine these shibari influences with My training in Takemusu Aikido, bringing a circular celerity to My movement and a martial percussivity to My approach.

I can assist you with the basics of starting to tie rope, through chest harnesses, to partial and full suspension. I can also advise you on aesthetics and sensibilities that may accent your rope and enrich it, as it has Mine.”

My time for this style of interaction is $100per hour for 1 student with a model, whether a basics or an advanced class.

Couples Training:

Do you both want to explore BDSM but don't know where to start? Well don’t let that stop you fulfilling your fantasies – contact Mistress Tokyo !

She can tutor you in topics like:

• Rope and other forms of bondage

• Impact play including spanking, flogging, caning, etc.

• Needle play

• Anal play and fisting

• Electrical Play - TENS machine or

• Violet Wand

• Constructing a scene that flows

• Health and Safety, First Aid

All training sessions are conducted in Mistress Tokyo’s state-of-the-art studio, and Her time for this style of interaction is $100 per hour.

Mistress Tokyo added that “This is different from a session and is purely an educational experience. Yes, I am most definitely happy to see couples in session, too – My pleasure !

If you are interested in training with Mistress Tokyo, then check out Her new "Training" page on

Please then feel free to send an email to: [email protected]

By Pandemos, Aug 30 2014 07:00AM

Just back from Dominating Dubai, Madame Caramel has been in touch to confirm a future event back in the UK. Madame Caramel will be attending the Femdom Retreat weekend organized by Mistress Ava Von Medisin. Whilst Norfolk may not have the climate of Dubai, by the time Madame Caramel has been there, the temperatures will be soaring !

“We will be staying in a luxurious Villa in Norfolk with several international top Mistresses like

Mistress Ezada Sinn. I am looking for 2 slaves to serve me that weekend. This is your chance to serve me for 3 days………24h a day !”

As Madame Caramel herself puts it: “This is the opportunity of a life time for every true slave. Not a session for an hour but living the life of it !”

The tribute for this “one-off” opportunity is £1,000. This covers not only the entire weekend, but – take note Latex Lovers – some special clothes that Madame Caramel’s latex designer will make exclusively for the weekend. Madame Caramel also says that she will also have some new “painful toys” for the event !

For further information, please visit: