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Mistress Maggie of Preston


Fit Dom Bitch – fifteen years experience – see my site for more info. On the menu this week – your wishlist, cane selection, tight bondage, drowning watersports, stuffed asses, spanked asses, heel polishing, hooded slaves, challenged cocks and balls... Dedicated equipment, an imaginative wardrobe and uniforms are all available. Open Mon-Fri / 12 noon 'til 10pm.

Mistress Maggie





Atrum Dea of Ebbsfleet


I am Mistress Atrum Dea, a BBW, Dominant and Sadistic Mistress from Kent in the UK, with a playful attitude and active imagination! Professional, Dominatrix, Sissificatrix, Humiliatrix, BBW Suffocatrix, Torturess Supreme. I specialize in Medieval Play, Breath-play, Extreme Bondage, Mesmerisation, BBW face-sitting/smothering and Forced Femme. I am expert at close-up breast hypnosis and mind control using My gorgeous lips and deep azure eyes. My plastic bagging sessions are renowned. Can you handle the best Domination you will ever have?

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Mistress Chaos of Wakefield


Mistress Chaos is a scene & lifestyle Dominatrix. Listen! Is that the click of my steel heels descending the steep stone steps or echoing on the cold dungeon floor? Is it you inside the cage waiting fearfully for the sound of my booted feet? Could it be you who, chained and helpless waits for the unknown to happen as your fascinated gaze scans the rows of torture implements that line the walls? The eery flickering glow from candlelit lanterns illuminates Mistress' beautiful face as she stares into your eyes and whispers. 'Welcome to MY world!'

Lucifer's Daughter | Mistress Chaos | Darklove Hurts | Mistress of Tears | Lady Stiletto




Goddess Nemesis of Western MA


Massachusetts Mistress, A Dominatrix of the highest caliber and "Hangwoman".


Goddess Nemesis | @Fetlife | Fetlife Group




Contessa Zoe Aspasia of Toronto


A Salacious Sophist, Muse, Temptress, Dominatrix, curiously creative with traditional and innovative tools and a twisted mind. I offer Sessions, Public Scenes, Online Scenes & Distance Training, Panties, Wrestling and frequently travel within North America. I enjoy the art of play, the arts, variety and re-invention, rethinking and allowing and encouraging self- exploration and capturing some of you lucky chosen to lead into your deepest fantasies, pushing and protecting along the way.

Zoe Aspasia | @Twitter | @Fetlife

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Mistress Zena


I am Mistress Zena, Nottingham's finest Dominatriix, Lets get this straight, I am not into tie and tease, if that is what you are after then it would be better to look elsewhere. I am a dominant sexual deviant and predator. An extremely confident, competent, deliverer of the skill, yet calm and personable. I'm happy to allow a little banter with the nervy! Don't be fooled by my sweet smile and glamorous look-As a sadist by nature I am driven by my enjoyment of inflicting pain, unwaveringly.

Mistress Zena / @Twitter / Members Site


Mistress Annabel of London (Kensington)


Set some time aside to step inside My World of BDSM fantasies and Latex Dreams. One of the UK's finest Studios based in Central London. A fetishist and masochists dream. Full Gummi Klinik, White Clinic... London's Finest. Anaesthesia roleplay, clinical restraint and sensation overload specialist. NovoPro 100 and Venus 2000... be milked dry! Mental bondage,torment and ego reduction par excellence. London's finest collection of rubber both for devotee and Mistress. Heavy rubber,total control and breath control specialist. Enigmatic and discreet.

Mistress Annabel | Rubber Mistress | Twisted Clinic



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Goddess Nemesis


"An ultra-amazing Domme..." I'm Goddess Nemesis, a Massachusetts Professional Dominatrix and Hangwoman. I will only offer My Domination to the ones I feel are the utmost worthy of My sensually sadistic style. I seek submissive men and women, newbies to pros, for mild to extreme encounters. I will only consider applicants who have a sincere desire to please, intelligent, enthusiastic and open minded. My power over you will be clear. The image you built, the social status you try so hard to maintain out there, doesn't mean anything to Me.


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