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Domina Kathryn of Orlando


The Domina Kathryn offers Elegant Domination ~ Exquisite Torment ~ Empathetic Sadism!  She is a Strict Disciplinarian and Fetish / Role Play Guide in the World of Domestic Domination! She is a sensual mature woman who lives for Adult Baby Play, Key Holding/Chastity Control, and putting naughty boys over her lap to spank their bare bottoms VERY hard!

The Domina Kathryn



Doctor Nin


Fetish Therapist: private counselling, behavioural therapy, correctional courses, sexual reprogramming, frustration/exploitation/segregation games. Note: although She is a trained psychologist, Hers has to be intended as an "artistic performance", totally unrelated to any official treatment (still being potentially much more therapeutic). She will investigate on your recurrent fantasies. Her approach will include an array of fine BDSM techniques to lower your defences, especially those of a sexual nature.

Doctor Nin

usfl_domina_kathryn Doctor Zin

Goddess Cleo of London


If cleaning, cooking, washing, ironing and various other domestic duties floats your boat, I offer training and sessions in Domestic Servitude as well as occasionaly taking on high performers on a more regular permanent basis. Perhaps your secret fantasy is to be useful? Let's chat....

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Cleo Domestic Serv PM

Domina Kat Morgan


Is there something you want? Scared to ask? Come, whisper it in my ear. Tell me your deepest darkest desires & I will tell you if you are worthy of serving me. Have you been a naughty boy (18 plus) in need of a spanking? Do you like wearing exotic fashions? Would it give you secret pleasure to worship my boots? I love for you to squirm and see the look of fearful excitement in your eyes as you await your deserved punishment. My small well appointed dungeon space has everything needed to give you an experience you won't soon forget.

Domina Kat Morgan


Domina Crane


Don't let my captivating elegance and compassionate touch fool you — I delight in your sweet submission, whether I'm binding you with ropes or a softly spoken command. I believe in guiding individuals toward deeper expressions of their submissive selves through creative methods of domination and ruthlessly exacting discipline.

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