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Mistress Imperia of Stuttgar


I consider myself the perfect playmate for cultured gentlemen, who crave the company of a dominant woman. If you are longing to be tamed by a sensuous seductress, to be the means to my pleasure, please contact me in confidence. If you have no experience in serving a superior woman, I will gently introduce you to the heady delights of being compelled to obey and let go of control.

German Mistress Imperia

Lady Emma Steel of Berlin


Extreme role play. Deep latex. Rituals. Exclusive outings. Abductions. Interrogations. CBT of the other kind. Body and brain and mind. Creative piercings. Mutual trust. Transformation.

Lady Emma Steel

Lady Natalie Black of Dusseldorf


A young Czech lady with a lot of BDSM fantasies!!! Enjoy playing with submissive slaves.

Lady Natalie Black | Kinky Mistresses

Mistress Jessica of Cologne


My name is Mistress Jessica, Welcome To My World, to the domain of your darkest dreams of domination, to a place of pain and pleasure where fantasy becomes reality and you become the slave you were born to be - MY slave, the GODdess you were BORN to SERVE!

Mistress Jessica | Bizarrlady Jessica

Domina Dante Posh of New York & New Jersey


Domina Dante Posh is a black lifestyle Domina and fetish personality. You will delight in the wicked smile that lights up her regal, lovely face as she makes your body her own landscape, a play thing for her wicked, sensual, and sometimes cruel exploration.

Dante Posh

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Mistress Emma Switch


I'm a muscular experienced dominatrix, trained in brazilian jiu itsu. I offer competitive, semi competitive and fantasy wrestling. Also, sessions which combine BDSM aspects (bondage, ballbusting etc) with wrestling are possible.

Mistress Emma Switch I Facebook


Miss Emma Switch PM video-2339

Lady Lotus


Imaginative and consequent educations and treatments. Classic Domination, Slavetraining and Creative Roleplay. Bondage, Punishement, Humiliation, CBT, Spanking, Flagellation, Shoe- and Bootsworship, Leg- and Footworship, Trampling, Facesitting, Human Petplay, TV-Education, Spitting, Golden Shower, Outdoor Sessions and Bizarr Escort.

Lady Lotus


Madame KALI - Bielefeld Germany


Classic black Domination. I'm your leather Goddess. I lead you in your darkest dreams! I'm strong, I'm hard and I'm intense. With strenght I will instruct you in your role!


Madame Kali