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PANDEMOS: Hello Lady Bellatrix – and we’re sure this is where you give all your legions of slaves, subbies, kinksters and followers that (in) famous greeting back !




PANDEMOS: Thank you Lady Bellatrix for taking the time to talk to PANDEMOS !  You’ve attained the well-deserved status of a Femdom Superstar, with a following that is truly global, but where, when and how did it all start ?


LADY BELLATRIX: Thank you! One can't call Herself a disciplinarian and not lead by example!  It all started many moons ago in My hometown Vancouver where I dabbled in BDSM (lifestyle and professionally). I travelled the far east for several years before settling in London where Lady Bellatrix was incarnated in 2010. Two years later,  I returned to Canada and it was then that I decided to start touring. For the next year and a half I basically lived out of My suitcase and hit six cities across four time zones in Canada, three cities in California, Seattle, New York, Munich, Berlin, Zurich, Amsterdam and not to mention Paris where I visit 3 or 4 times annually. I have always been on a quest for Global Domination and onward I march...


PANDEMOS: Without wishing to state the obvious - are you a Lifestyle Domina ?


LADY BELLATRIX: I am a very private person and what goes on behind closed doors remains there. But let's just say that I eat, sleep and breathe Femdom. It is My life.



PANDEMOS: Do you have any message or advice for any potential client reading this who may want indulge themselves in the Bellatrix Experience ?


LADY BELLATRIX: Indeed. First and foremost, I expect sincerity. I enjoy building lasting relationships with My slaves and submissives and have a high return rate but initially they will have to go through My exacting screening process. Those who do make the cut will find that I am a charming yet sexually charged Femme Fatale with a cheeky smile (and a great ass). Not only am I a very high octane Woman, I am exceedingly intuitive and once ascertaining what a slave's interests are, I aim to ensure we both get the most out of our playtime together.


PANDEMOS: What things do you like/dislike in slaves?


LADY BELLATRIX: Insubordination.


PANDEMOS:  In amongst the whole kinky kaleidoscope of fetishes that you cater for, are there any in particular that “float the Bellatrix boat ?”

Somehow, we think that the word “latex” is about to appear!


LADY BELLATRIX: I consider Myself a caterer of kink and a facilitator of fetish as I always take into consideration the interests of the slave or submissive. Although I do have a sensual side and like lighter activities like tease and denial, I am truly sadistic and enjoy the more extreme BDSM activities such as CP, fisting, ballbusting, interrogation and mind control, TPE. But yes, ultimately I do enjoy heavy rubber sessions and being transfixed into a whole different dimension of rubbery reality.




PANDEMOS:  You clearly have a flair for visual design, colour and imagination. Do you have any background in visual graphics ….or is just natural good kinky taste ?!


LADY BELLATRIX: Thanks once again! I am a Woman of many talents and graphics is one area I have a background in.  I've always had a clear vision of how I wanted to present Myself to the world and I think My attention to detail speaks for itself. Plus, a bit of kinky taste goes a long way.


PANDEMOS: We’ve noticed your “Speciality Sideline” – the infamous “Interrogation Bootcamp”.  What does THAT involve ? Are you at liberty to tell us what goes on behind the walls of HMP Bellatrix?




Interrogation Bootcamp is an on-going conceptual venture combining Orwellian inspired film noir, military role play, women in uniform and extreme masochism. In this ever evolving saga, Our two internationally renowned Special Agents hope to encourage support for the Female Supremacy and invoke fear in those who would otherwise defy its existence.


It stemmed from a late night conversation with My business partner (known as The Hunteress). I told her I had a fantasy about running a military style bootcamp. She had already done something similar. As we discussed the idea in detail, she took one look at me and said "lets make it happen". I felt like a dream had come true. We set out to work immediately. The rest is history.



PANDEMOS: You are clearly a very creative, imaginative and uber-kinky Dominatrix. What kind of sessions  do you enjoy most?




I would like to think that I am an all rounder, but have My preferences.

As mentioned earlier, I really like activities like mind control and psychological conditioning as it puts Me in deep into "Domme space"

where I operate on a whole different level. Anyone who has seen My clips knows I am renowned for some of the most humiliating verbal out there, which amuses Me to no end coming up with new scathing ways of putting slaves in their place. I am a perverted pixie so I enjoy coming up with creative ways to degrade and belittle the "weaker sex" by flaunting My svelte body in front of them and denying them of what they want most.


PANDEMOS: Where do you session from?  We’ve recently posted a Blog from you about your new Buckinghamshire Femdom Palace – what can any kinky visitors expect to find?


LADY BELLATRIX: The one thing that I missed most while  touring was having a home base. I finally settled in Buckinghamshire which is perfectly suited for Me. Its close enough to Heathrow to escape on tour yet close enough to London to maintain My harem in the capital.

Early 2015  I started sessioning from the most amazing private dungeon in London Hampstead NW3. It is fully equipped with a dungeon as well as medical clinic. While firmly establishing Myself in London, behind the scenes I had been setting up My new play space in Buckinghamshire.

So I am pleased to announce that I am now offering sessions from My own exclusive chambers in a chic setting fit for an International Glaminatrix. In what could only be described as palatial, Buckinghamshire Palace features two stylish play rooms – The Goddess Room for worshipping your Queen in plush surroundings and a dungeon with several large pieces from Fetters plus a vast assortment of implements to give your session even more of an impact.





PANDEMOS:  With all of your global travels in recent years, have you noticed any differences in the tastes and fetishes from country to country, and are there any “stand-out” tales that you would like to share with us?


LADY BELLATRIX:   Not only does each country have a different feel, so

does each city. Having come from a very formal high protocol way of conducting sessions in London, the west coast came as a bit of surprise as to how laid back everyone was. Admittedly, I had to dial it down a bit. Especially in San Diego where someone turned up in bermuda shorts with sandals and socks. Then a cowboy type in Calgary who said "how's it going, eh" as he proceeded to lift Me off My feet and give Me the hugest bear hug. And there is nothing sexier than a subbie with a French accent telling you how much he adores your feet (Montreal and/or Paris). The UK is way more into Corporal Punishment and poppers than anywhere else in the world.


PANDEMOS:  How do potential clients contact you for a session.


LADY BELLATRIX:  Unlike the majority of Dominas, I do not publish My phone number or email and interested patrons must initially fill out a form. Sadly, due to the increasing number of timewasters, I also require a non refundable deposit from all of those who are new to Me. Some may find this tedious but time is My most valuable asset. This separates those who want to see Lady Bellatrix or who just wants to visit the first available Dominatrix. As I tour frequently, I keep the diary on My website up to date with My movements.


PANDEMOS:  Finally, what are the immediate plans for the future for Lady Bellatrix?


LADY BELLATRIX:  Now that My new HQ in Buckinghamshire is up and running, My team in Paris have started work on My members site which should be on line in autumn 2015. As you may have guessed, it focuses on latex and heavy rubber. Visit the site to sign up to the launch newsletter


In addition to that, I am working on various media pursuits which will be announced as they unfold in due course.




















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