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Mistress Tanya of London (Fulham)


I am your Goddess of sensuality and erotic desires. I am Mistress Tanya of London, an expert in all aspects of Domination and BDSM. Someone who knows how to control your wildest desires and will make real your most bizarre fetish fantasies and perverse requests. I am a unique London dominatrix from Finland, called by my realm of slaves a Nordic Goddess. Nature has endowed me with an hour-glass figure and natural wavy blonde hair.

Mistress Tanya

Mistress Renate of London (Marylebone/Baker St)


I am a professional German mistress in my forties. I am five feet eight inches tall. I am very experienced and have an understanding of all of your submissive and masochistic needs. I enjoy one to one sessions with those who are experienced, and also novices to the BDSM/fetish scene.

Mistress Renate

Mistress Clara of London (Heathrow)


I am an English female lifestyle Dominant. This is my life and I take it very seriously. I insist on being treated with adoration and respect at all times. I AM VERY SENSUOUS but also strict and firm. I will take you to your innermost desires in London or anywhere in Europe.

Mistress Clara

Miss Kitty Bliss of London (SW9)


Divine Mistress (Professional & Lifestyle)... Refined & Revered! Tantalizingly tasty, sensual, STRICT and cruel when necessary pro Femdom for domination and sub training. Whether you are new to the scene or are highly experienced at being a sub - your fetish is my delight and I would like to welcome you my world of debauchery. Come with me on your journey of self discovery and enlightenment whatever your needs, desires, fears and fantasies. I will provide you with guidance, nurturing and strict discipline

Miss Kitty Bliss

Francesca Harding of London (King's Cross)


Explore your BDSM fantasies with a beautiful, powerful, London Dominatrix.

Francesca Harding

Mistress Domatella of London (W1)


Fit, Firm & Formidable! I am Mistress Domatella that s spelt with an M for Mistress not an N for Nice. I am also known as Goddess Gummi due to my fascination with all things rubbery! I am dominant by nature, with a touch of humanity. I am a strict but sensual domina. I expect respect a..

Mistress Domatella

Mistress Claudia of London (Staines)


Superior Mistress with 2 fully equipped dungeons, a white room, a school room and a TV boudoir. Discreet premises with private parking. All aspects of domination covered with medical play a particular speciality.

Mistress Claudia | Medical Mistress

Miss Myers of London (Islington)


An audience with Miss Myers is an encounter of a very special kind. Her diverse and honed skills; Her chilling attention to detail; Her wicked sense of humour; Her subtle cruelties; Her soft, cultured voice. All this and more combines to ensure that a visit to Miss Myers shall make an impact upon you in more ways than one.

The House of Myers

Miss Pierced Laura of Enfield


Welcome, I’m Miss Laura, your playful, yet strict Mistress. For me, BDSM is about those special moments when the Domina and the slave truly connect with each other. I am very perverted but I do not consider myself a sadist.If we have that special kind of connection,I’ll be open to do anything. If my slave is open and submits to me, our session becomes a sacred ritual.true beauty! Come to me. Trust me. Leave your fears and judgements behind.You know I’ll understand your secrets.Together, we can explore even your darkest, most precious fantasies.

Miss Pierced Laura | Twitter | Instagram

Princess Jessika of Tower Hill, London


I am cute and blonde with blue eyes but do not be fooled. I love making grown men wimper at my feet. I enjoy various forms of play, from physical punishment using a variety of implements to psychological torture and mind games. I will hurt a masochist and humiliate a submissive. Live sessions are usually held at my comfortable Central London apartment. I also have a dark underground cellar in Plaistow E15. This is where I cage slaves in the dark and torture my victims. Be warned, this is a truly scary experience.

Princess Jessika | Twitter

Mistress Susanne of London (Westbourne Park, W10)


CP and Enema Specialist - W10. Naughty Boys, TVs and Transsexuals: This way for correction and discipline I am also very comfortable with medical fetishes and highly experienced in giving enemas and catheters. I like: Giving Enemas, CP, Spanking, Flogging, Foot Worship, Medical Play, Electrics, CBT, Strap-On and Dildo Training, Wax Play.

Mistress Susanne

Dominatrix Duo of London (Central)


We are two very strict dominatrixes with beauty and experience in equal measure, who enjoy servitude from the most willing and worthy slaves. We offer the unique combination of shemale and female Mistresses, a submissive slave girl and our own fully equipped dungeon. Together, we explore almost every fetish, roleplay and scenario imaginable, to the extreme. We offer kinky, dirty and depraved experiences to likeminded and submissive individuals. We carry out many aspects of roleplay, BDSM and more, to push the slave to their absolute limit.

Dominatrix Duo

Mistress Paris of London (Croydon)


London Fetish Mistress Paris - Loves to Dominate BDSM Slaves I will steal your pathetic soul and twist it into My own desired creation! I respect hard limits, but otherwise, I don't follow convention; I make my own rules. I don't muck around and I don't suffer fools gladly. What's more, I certainly don't wish to be bored. Are you capable of capturing My attention and keeping Me engaged during our time together? Why don't you come along and let this London Dominatrix be the judge of that

Mistress Paris

Mistress Strapon of London


I am Mistress Gabriella a professional and lifestyle Dominatrix. A beautiful, experienced and an expert in the art of Femdom and sado-masochistic activities. I am based in London, United Kingdom. If you are lucky enough to become one of my submissives, slaves or sissies, you will have the pleasure of experiencing my world of domination and bdsm fantasies. I enjoy many forms of domination, check out my site for more details. I enjoy using my dildos and my strapon,sensually on my first timers,long and deeply on my more experienced subs.

London Mistress Strapon

Mistress Anita of London


I am specialized in all kinds of fantasies including sensual teasing, orgasm denial, role play, TV transformation, mild domination, etc... Surrender, and fulfill your fantasy! Your Privacy and Discretion goes without saying.

About Anita

Lady Bellatrix


Lady Bellatrix is Strict Mistress and an international fetish model. With a passion for latex, she's passionate about HEAVY RUBBER sessions. Other activities include fisting, CP, interrogation, mind control and humiliation. This Femdom Goddess is intense, but has a sensual side enjoying role play, tie and tease. The foot connoisseur will delight in worshipping her highly arched feet. She sessions from a fully equipped dungeon in central London or a domestic setting in Buckinghamshire with frequent tours to Paris and other European destinations.

Lady Bellatrix / Clips 4 Sale / Twitter / Adultwork / Niteflirt

Mz Jane Wild of London (Bethnal Green)


Rock n Roll Kick Arse Femme Dyke - Dominatrix. If you are looking for a standard fetish scene styled mistress then I suggest you look elsewhere. I don't own any thigh high PVC boots or fit into the stereotype. Mature, intelligent and incredibly creative. I offer something above the ordinary as a Dominant. Whether you are an absolute beginner wishing to try things out or a more experienced player wanting someone to push your limits, I offer a safe pair of hands and a truly twisted imagination to take you there.

Mz Jane

Miss Miranda of London


Stunning Mistress with one of the best equipped dungeons in West London. Specialise in rubber, bondage and harsh medicals.

The Bondage Mistress |

Rebekka Raynor of London (Warren St, Chingford)


Naturally Scottish sadist, currently living in London with superb chambers in Warren St and Chingford. I am active on the scene and also host several regular fetish events. There is a genuine thrill with what I do, which you will only find out when you visit...

Rebekka Raynor

Goddess Sophia of London (Clapton)


I am a tall, flame haired, beautiful, English Domina. I am intelligent, educated, and elegant with a wicked disposition! I excel in training my slaves to total submission - breaking their will, and moulding them to my exact specifications into creatures whose sole reason for being is to serve and amuse me.

Goddess Sophia 

Domina Visuki of London (Haringey)


Domina Visuki is not a traditional mistress, but a wild night creature, a true sadist, a lifstyle Dominatrix. The alternative world is my world, so if you're ready to take a walk on the wild side, contact Me. My look alone (piercings, tattoos, scarifications) and My unconventional beauty will leave you stunned and craving for more. My favourite Dungeon activities are: humiliation, corporal punishment (torture, spanking, caning, etc), sensory deprivation, smoke fetishes and pleasure denial to name a few. Private Playspace in North London N15.

Domina Visuki

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Mistress Mona


A Dominant Black British Mistress Who Enjoys Torturing her Slaves and turning them into Mindless puppets. Online, Phone, Email And Some real-time sessions available.


Black British Mistress


Queen Cleopatra of London


Cleopatra specialises in erotic hypnosis and mind control. Making your fantasies more real than ever. A lady you will find you are powerless to resist and submission to my control so much better for you.

Queen Cleopatra

Goddess Morrigan Hel


The ultimate Dark Goddess – With flaming auburn locks & eyes of emerald green. An intense gaze that will turn your blood to fire or ice in an instant & bring you to your knees. I am adept in the arts of domination, ritual initiation, role play, humiliation, psychodrama and much more. Enter my world of dark power play, give up your control & give into my will. Your life will be transformed in ways you can’t imagine

Goddess Morrigan Hel I @Twitter I Clips4sale I Murder Mile Studio

uklon_mistress_domatella Morrigan Hell PM uklon_mistress_paris

Mistress Fabula


I am very well-educated, well-spoken, English with a European inclination. I am sophisticated and sensual. And I believe in in showing my wildness as well as my constrained side. I love to spank and tease and torture, and I am great at medical play, needles, candles, violet wand. Seductive and charming - you'll want to invite Fabula into your life! I can be hard, or soft; sensual or brutal; taking you to places you have only dreamt existed. Put yourself in my hands and we can both go there.

Mistress Fabula

Mistress Elektra of London (Cheam)


I am a professional Dominatrix with many years experience, I am sensual and attractive, I can be most things to most people, I can get into your mind, and turn your fantasies into realities. I can give you pleasure or pain and take you to that higher place you can only dream of. Remember you are only limited by your own imagination. I will always respect your wishes and limits as I expect you to respect mine.

Mistress Elektra's World

Miss Kami Robertson of London (Central)


I am an experienced London based Domme - intelligent, sophisticated and genuinely into fetish. I offer CP services and to dominate and control you in a variety of roleplay scenarios. Whether these are very specific long-standing fantasies or a simple curiosity to explore I can help. Let your fantasies come true.

Miss Kami Robertson

Princess Jessika PM Bellatrix PM ukse_miss_kitty_bliss uklon_queen_cleopatra Elektra Kami

Lady Godiva of London & Kent


An English Dominatrix who is sophisticated and intelligent.  Skilled, powerful and always in control, combined with a playful nature, making each session unique.  My CBT and ballbusting will bring you to your knees, while I delight in your pain. I am naturally dominant and will humiliate you with ease.  Feminisation and forced Bi are favourite pastimes of Mine and I might even let you worship My feet if you are lucky.  I love role play, cherishing every sweet moment as though it were reality.  Be prepared for the chill of fear that will take over your very soul, when you begin to wonder if you have lost your mind.

Lady Godiva 

Mistress Clarissa


Mistress Clarissa is a professional British dominatrix who has been formed by the benefits of an elite education and a deviant, creative and enquiring mind. She is beautiful, feminine, sophisticated, highly educated, well - spoken and articulate. She welcomes gentlemen, ladies and couples of all descriptions, and offers experiences across the spectrum of play, introducing newcomers to a world of potentials and challenging the experienced.

Mistress Clarissa

rsz_mistress_clarissa Godiva PM

Maitresse Nuit of London


Maitresse Nuit is a well regarded French Dominatrix and Sadist. Although she considers herself a Londoner, having spent many years in the U.K, she hasn't quite shaken her accent or lost a hedonistic 'Je ne sais quoi'. She is elegant, educated, determined, intuitive and a cruel Alpha Female. A lover of erotic transgressions, an aesthete and fetishist, with a strong background in performance and visual arts and a passion for BDSM, she delights in controlling and staging the theatre of your mind.

Maitresse Nuit | Twitter | Pandemos Profile

CK0yFNEWwAAyNuG nuit1

Mistresss Sandra - Central London


Mistress Sandra is a Pro and lifestyle Dominatrix. Her stunning hourglass body, powerful mind, the sweet smile that will take you to the another world.Mistress loves to push the limits whether you are a novice or a highly experienced slave, a challenge is always welcome and assures a fulfilling and mutually satisfying experience. You will beg her to come back for more. Take the ride of your unexplored fantasies of delight and debauchery.  It is Mistress Sandra’s genuine passion to have her slaves serving at her feet

Mistress Sandra | Twitter


Madame Darkness


UK Black Premier Dominatrix 5ft,5in voluptuous Madame, my services range from the gentlest of control to the ultimate in Domination, this is an experience that you will never forget and will have you coming back for more. Start your journey with me here....

Madame Darkness


Miss Linda - Baker Street


Hi My name is Linda and I am an English blonde fantasy and role-play specialist. Based in the Marylebone area of London. My specialist areas are seductive domination and switching(yes,I like to be submissive at times as well). I enjoy a wide range of fetish and fantasies.(I love to have fun,to be the spanker or the spankee,I love to be helplessly bound and gagged and teased. I have a fully equipped apartment where we can play together with lots of toys,ropes,strap-on's,cane's and paddle's and a spanking bench.

Miss Linda


Mistress Ivy, East London


Corporal punishment is my speciality; hearing the swish of the cane as it lands on your bare, exposed bottom never ceases to amuse me. I have a whole host of implements such as the tawse, paddle, flogger, strap and riding crop although sometimes you’ll deserve nothing more than to be bent over my knee for a long, hard spanking. Depending on your needs I can administer extreme pain or make your body tingle exquisitely with a variety of sensations. I should mention that I have a penchant for gagging a wide-eyed submissive with my dirty knickers.

Mistress Ivy


Mistress Bettie von Sade


I’m a young domme and the ultimate femme fatale. I’m now accepting applications for a number of slave positions to satisfy My ever-increasing appetite for male pain and suffering. If you’re daring enough to believe that you might be deserving of feeding Me with your agony, have a read through these pages and apply as instructed…

…and pray to the generous gods of torture that your wish may be granted!

Mistress Bettie von Sade


Bettie von Sade


I'm a true, dangerous femme fatale in my early 20s. Domination is an enormous natural passion of Mine - I love being part of scenarios reminiscent of Surrealist art... It is such an incredibly liberating feeling! My aim is to make both of us achieve a wonderful state of catharsis where we can truly feel like ourselves. By using elements of My own meditation practice to aid relaxation, I seek to establish a unique and powerful psychological connection with all My slaves and submissives..

Bettie von Sade / Wordpress / Twitter



Mistress Chatterley of London (W1)


Sessions with me can be described as erotic, sensual and strict. As a Pro Domme my sessions are tailored to the level of experience and fantasy that you desire. Mistress Chatterley invites submissive slaves both male and female to her well-equipped chambers in the heart of London. Only those willing to obey me and realize their innermost fantasies should contact me. The Submissive should expect their Mistress to push them to their limits in an effort to please their Mistress and become a true submissive.

Mistress Chatterley | @Clips4sale | Mistress Chatterley Clip Store


Miss Jessica of Watford


I have been in the scene since 2003 & over this time have gotten better & better at the things I love doing to my subs. I have a wicked sense of humour & will always try to push you to your limits. I specialise in CP, facesitting & ballbusting sessions. You can also download clips of me in action.


Miss Jessica | @Clips4sale  | @Twitter


Goddess Findora - Central London


I m a strict Asian goddess and  Findomme. Goddess Findora is good at using her beauty, confidence and power to command my submissive slaves. I m naturally borned to be a dominate woman. I could get my submissive slaves to do whatever I wanted. My boys always say yes to me. You can't resist my beauty and power. Goddess Findora enjoy training and controlling men. Slaves always please me with their fat wallet. You like to worship my beautiful feet. If you misbehave or make mistakes, you will be punished by my whip or mindfuck by me. I know the only way to degrade and humiliate you is through your fat wallet. I make you sacrifice to fund my greed. Spoiling and worshipping me is your number one priority. My perfection make you feel weak and pathetic. You will get sexual excitement and satisfaction under my control and humiliation. You will always come back to me. Your bank account are belong to my beautiful boobs. You will beg me not to stop. You will be addicted to me.

Goddess Findora | Twitter

Findora lechateaurouge1

Madam Helle - Paddington, W2, Central London


Venus from Venice, strict but fair, feared but loved: the one and only Madam Helle.

Elegance and sophistication combined with Madam’s divine figure will immediately command obedience and bring all supplicants to their knees, where Madam likes them to be until told otherwise! Madam’s extensive experience will bring Her expertise down upon any individual brave enough to experience Her world of BDSM. Madam expects perfection and strict adherence to all rules and protocols at all times, which will feel natural and correct under Her guidance. As She unlocks Her supplicants’ potential, She will lock up, lock down, and lock in any resistance until training is complete and all expectations have been shattered!

Madam Helle | Twitter

Goddess Cleo of London


Elegant, sensual and seductively strict, I have many specialties and a creative mind with which to initiate a decadently, indulgent session. Regardless of whether you are a newbie or an experienced player, when you enter the glamorous world of Dominantion you only ever hope to find someone who exceeds your expectations - a Dominant with the perception to know what you want, and the intuition to know where to take you.


Goddess Cleo | @Twitter | Domina Parties I Pandemos Profile

Cleo NT ST Whipping PM Madame Helle

Miss Davenshaw of London


Do you yearn to serve a beautiful, sophisticated female CEO? Do you shudder with excitement at the

thought of being controlled by a woman with power, poise, a razor sharp tongue? If reading the above has got you somewhat "hot under the collar"  then you are most certainly in the right place..

In the pantheon of Female Dominants in the UK Miss Antonia Davenshaw occupies a unique and exceptional position among other London Mistresses. Whereas they present themselves as explicitly fetishistic dominants catering to the lovers of leather and latex, Miss Davenshaw is simply a stunningly beautiful, sophisticated, well-spoken woman with an enticing mix of corporate severity and educated feminine power. Accordingly, she has moved seamlessly to occupy what has been for far too long, a gap in the market for a Domme who can cater to submissives' craving the attentions of a stern Boss in a more corporate mould. For a long time the London and indeed the international domination scene had been missing its corporate queen.

Miss Davenshaw | @Twitter |

Davenshaw PIcture