Mistress Wild Iris - Oakland


We find ourselves immersed in the delicious landscape of your darkest fantasies. With delight I guide you deep into fragrant valleys of pain, over expansive fields of pleasure, through the mountainous landscape of your ego. I sense your thoughts before you have finished formulating them in your mind. You want to go further yet don't know how. Yet again you catch yourself wondering if it could really be this good. Are we in a dream?

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The Gates - San Francisco, LA


Enter the Realm of the Extraordinary – we feature a stunning array of beautiful mistresses and slaves who are ready to join you in the exploration of every perverted decadence that the human mind can conceive.

Immerse your senses in mental and physical extremes in one of our five lavishly equipped playrooms, and lose yourself in your fantasies for a few sumptuous hours.

Open 10 to 10, 7 days a week. Please call for a same day appointment. 510-261-7243.

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Mistress Kaila Yi of Los Angeles in San Francisco


Breathtakingly beautiful, incredibly skilled, profoundly intuitive Asian Goddess based in Los Angeles with frequent visits to SF & NYC.


Mistress Kaila Yi | With Kim Ronin

Lady Philippa - San Francisco


This powerful, tall, gorgeous, creative and very experienced German Domina is available for a mutually enjoyable and beneficial experience of complete female dominance. I am looking for a special match, a submissive man, whom I can ideally train on a regular basis and where

the connection and chemistry are great.  Different types of powerplay, fetish play, bondage and discipline and total submission are parts of that experience. Your limits are taken into consideration. I am very dominant. I also will allow for time to spend with you away from the scene, having a dinner, for example, if the situation permits. I am very discreet and I expect you to be discreet also.

Lady Philippa

Domina Crane


Don't let my captivating elegance and compassionate touch fool you — I delight in your sweet submission, whether I'm binding you with ropes or a softly spoken command. I believe in guiding individuals toward deeper expressions of their submissive selves through creative methods of domination and ruthlessly exacting discipline.

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Mistress Colette of San Francisco


Anyone can inflict pain, but few can make it erotic and fulfilling. With eight years of professional experience under her belt, you can give your body to Mistress Colette and trust her with it, for she knows how to push you to your limits. And beyond if you so desire.

Domina Colette Mistress Colette

Mistress Lucinda Archer of San Francisco


Sweet seductress with a mean steak. San Francisco Bay Area Mistress with over 13 years of experience. Seductive dominance and sincere connection.  Keenly skilled in rope/leather bondage; CP and flogging/whipping, domestic spanking and role play; chastity/orgasm control; T/D; CBT/NT; trampling; tickling; edge play; GS; face slapping and more.

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Miss Mei Wu of San Francisco


Indulge your senses. Submit yourself to me. I am feminine with a cheery disposition. I am authoritative with a powerful demeanor. I am sensual with a lascivious gleam. I am sadistic with a wicked bite. I will torture your body with pain, tease you with pleasure, fill your mind with lust, and compel you to do my bidding. I will artfully lead you through a dance of pleasure and pain. You will ache for my attention as a sensual goddess while craving the sensations I bring to your body as a sadistic mistress.

Miss Mei Wu

Ms.Chloe of San Francisco


I am an alluring, sadistic, yet nurturing Domina who will take you places you didn't know existed. I stand 5'8" with a slender, toned physique, long black hair and dancing blue eyes. I have an extensive collection of latex clothing, along with myriad toys and implements of both pleasure and pain. I see clients at a discreet, exquisitely appointed private dungeon in the San Francisco. I adore extended scenes, public outings (within reason), and multi-Domme sessions, am available by phone and webcam, and accept gifts from all around the world.

Ms Chloe




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