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Mrs Weltsova of New York and Washington D.C.


A professional disciplinarian seeking submissive gentlemen who need correction. Originally from Eastern Europe, I retain old world ideas about the proper place for wayward males and how to deal with them. I respect limits and am very discreet. In return, I require those who submit to me to be clean, well groomed, polite, and above all, obedient. Furthermore, I do not tolerate time wasters. Novices and seasoned players are welcomed alike. Visit my website for more information on locations and services.

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Asian Mistress Lucy Khan


Intelligent, imaginative, and highly disciplined, I am a former collegiate athlete with an elite-level education. As such, creating twisted scenarios that incorporate both body and brain excite Me the most. Like a tornado revolving around a calm, still center, I move with focus and grace as I upend the psyches that lay in My path. The curves of My strong, feminine lines demand to be worshipped as I tower over you, manipulating your puppet strings…

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Manchester Mistress Jadee


“The most powerful sexual organ is the brain” Well that is true, and it is also good news for you slave. Let me introduce myself, and please pay attention, as you may regret not doing so...It has been said that I ooze style, confidence, class, sassiness, and dangerous raw sexuality……, who am I to argue ? But that is only half the story, I am an expert in f*cking with your pathetic little dirty mind. Session with me, and you will NEVER forget it. I will have you under my spell well before it even registers in your brain. Or your dick.

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Miss Annie Addams


I'm Miss Annie Addams. I'm a professional Dominatrix and fetish enthusiast based out of Dallas. With my youthful face, warm smile, and powerful, grim stare, I am both the ingénue and the femme fatale. I know I intimidate men, and I absolutely love it. I’m fiercely independent, highly intelligent, and I don't believe in using cheap theatrics to assert my power over others. Upon meeting me, you'll realize it's clear I was born to dominate and humiliate the men who cross my path. Explore your deepest, legal desires with me:


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