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  • Interview with San Francisco Dominatrix Goddess Faustine Cox by Mistress Lucy Sweetkill

    Hello, submissives, servants of the Goddess, fans, and generous, freaky friends alike, welcome to the renewal of My blog. Blogs for ProDommes are now more important than ever with the oncoming censorship of SWs due to EARNIT and FOSTA/SESTA legislation in social media and all of the internet, We are needing to host Our own ongoing ways to stay connected that can't be taken away from Us as easily. I appreciate you following along on My adventures here, and know that this will be a safe and up to date place to get information on My flourishing FEMPIRE and its expanding offerings. I want to fill you in on My latest achievements and projects and get you up to date with Goddess. Just last December I gave an interview with the fabulous Mistress Lucy Sweetkill of La Maison du Rouge, and I had SUCH a fun time talking with Her! I know you will have just as much fun watching Us pal around and divulge all of Our dirty secrets as we did, and maybe even get turned on a little. Perhaps We'll have to lock you up in chastity for that! I always enjoy sharing My fascinating and entertaining backstory, did you know that I began Domming professionally in New York City in 2011, but that the first kink scene I ever facilitated was between My stuffed animals as an adolescent! I thought it was so sweet when Mistress Lucy said that She was really into the "story time" vibes of My style of kinky storytelling. I also share about My journey to discovering My non-binary gender through being an androgynous strap on centered FemDom, and My experiences with going through and recovering from burnout and rediscovering My joy in My craft through heightened self-care awareness and practices. In having this discussion I think that something became clearer to Me about how I operate in My craft. I realize that I take My obligations as a ProDomme in a holistic direction to a fine degree when managing My submissives and owned pets. I feel that I run a pretty tight ship in terms of keeping energy dynamics between Myself and My submissive harem fairly clean. I teach My harem how to communicate clearly with Me, I point out micro aggressions and any transgressions are always addressed so that We can all learn and grow and become even better versions of O/ourselves while W/we are in responsibility towards each other here on this Earth. It is important to Me as a Holistic Dominatrix and Self-Care informed BDSM Mentor that I share what I have learned in the ways of grounding and energy clearing for the purposes of better relaxing, recentering, and finding a deeper and more delicious presence within the sacred moment of eternity that W/we find O/ourselves enveloped in when W/we play with intentional kink. It was after I gave this interview and shared how I learned to heal after My period of burnout that I was contacted by Mistress Natasha Strange of SubRosa PDX in Portland to help co-teach a class on Self Care for Tops. I joined in and taught eagerly as I feel intensely passionate about this topic, and for it being My first class that I've taught in, it was well-received, and this has inspired Me to craft My own personal self-care-based style of BDSM Mentorship. This is something I'll be working on more in the coming year but I'll be making My own FemDom online program for new Dommes who want to learn the craft in a way that won't burn them the heck out, so be on the look out for more about that. Until then, I'll be posting a couple more Blog posts this week to play catch up with all that is currently building in the Goddess-Sphere. Enjoy watching this great interview and be sure to comment, like, subscribe and share the video with your slutty friends! Also, enjoy this extra exclusive, pervy behind-the-scenes look at My setup for the interview. Notice anything? Twitter: Instagram: NiteFlirt: Sextpanther: Youtube: Wishlist: Amazon:

  • Lady Bellatrix is pleased to present her new website!

    Lady Bellatrix is pleased to inform all of the fine readers at Pandemos that her new website has now gone live! It has been a long time in the works, and after visiting it, you’ll see why. Besides the countless pages dedicated to Femdom activities, there is also a new categorised blog. Not to mention the abundance of previously unreleased photos shot by web designer and photographer Miss May, aka the Fetish Webmistress. The new photography carousels feature glossy pictures from three separate latex shoots they took in between the first and second lockdowns in Paris. AVN Stars sale Lady Bellatrix is so excited about her latest venture that to celebrate, she is offering a January sale on her AVN Stars memberships. With deals of up to 50% off, there are 650 posts with three updates daily. Subscribers can also order custom clips, private Skype shows and purchase worn items. Additionally, there are free bonus full length hard core heavy rubber videos. But hurry, the up to 50% off sale ends on January 31st! Here are the relevant links: LADY BELLATRIX Website: Twitter: AVN Stars: Link to video:


    Domina M New Website; New Photos | Hello from my Paris dungeon, Here we go again. . .It is true; I have removed all my videos and past photos after making them free for 6 months to help all of you through the beginnings of stay at home orders. It is time to move on for me and focus on in-person sessions only. I know, I know, when they can happen. It is coming sooner than later. If you live in France or have the opportunity to visit here, then you can book a session or rent the dungeon with your partner. While I have always maintained a standard of cleaning well above hospitals, it is even more thorough now. I have some videos on the website that cover my process. And no matter where you live, you should check out my new website and photos. I have been marathon training for the better part of a year now and have acquired a lean, vegan athlete’s body, which demanded a whole new series of photos. It’s all free, so you can save your pennies to get to Paris and serve me in person. I hope you enjoy it. I have to run—quite literally! Domina M

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  • Pandemos Mistress and Dominatrix Worldwide Directory, Mistress Listings

    FEATURED MISTRESSES OF PANDEMOS Mistress Carly, South East Mistress Eve of London Mistress Megara Furie, Glasgow Lady Wolf of London Goddess Chloe Manson, Texas USA Mistress Imperia of Sydney, Australia Goddess Faustine Cox, SF USA Madam Divine of Bristol Natasha Strange of Portland Miss Davenshaw of London, UK Mistrix Violeta of New York Mistress Vonn Domme Line LIVE 1-2-1 WEBCAM DOMINATION Dozens of Dominas available 24/7 Join for FREE ! Chat for FREE ! PANDEMOS WEBCAMS ! CLICK HERE PANDEMOS PERSONALS KINKY SINGLES IN YOUR AREA ! CLICK HERE

  • New York Mistress, New York Dominatrix, New York Mistress Listings

    NEW YORK MISTRESSES ELENA DE LUCA Elena De Luca of New York Ms. Elena De Luca Is a seductive Domina, Humiliatrix, Fetishist and Disciplinarian based In New York City. She has over a decade of experience as a professional. Though living in NYC, you can often find Ms. De Luca on tour in the US and abroad ​ / / / / Goddess ALLEGRA ​ ​ My Name is Goddess Allegra Worship and submit to me. Your femdom, Mistress, Dominatrix in Manhattan. Screening and pre-booking required. Get your Spanking, strap-on, GS, cuckold session and more. Goddess Allegra OLIVIA VEXX NEW YORK Olivia Vexx - Dominatrix, Mistress, & Disciplinarian Mature and wise in the ways of control I am a Professional & Lifestyle Mistress with over 20 years of experience. I welcome curious novices as well as seasoned players to join me in exploring their BDSM, Fetish & Discipline fantasies. ​ | Olivia Vexx Website Twitter ​ ​ mistrix violeta felix NEW YORK Perverted ingénue. Collector of fantasies. Psychosexual reprogrammer. I am a sensual and playful Domina with a deep sadistic streak that treats your body as My canvas, and your mind as My playground. My talents include medical play, latex fetishism, roleplay, humiliation, degradation, and much more. I value creativity, passion, and genuine submission in My devotees. Are you worthy of the honor? ​ | | | Mistrix Violeta Felix Website Twitter Instagram Niteflirt | | SextPanther IWantVioleta Violeta Videos Goddess Allegra of New York My Name is Goddess Allegra Worship and submit to me. Your femdom, Mistress, Dominatrix in Manhattan. Screening and pre-booking required. Get your Spanking, strap-on, GS, cuckold session and more. Goddess Allegra Miz. Creant of Syracuse I am the regal Queen, poised elegant and assured of my place. I assume complete control of your existence as if by birth right. I am the temptress, brimming with sexual witchcraft. I’ve discover what you hunger for and hungry you shall stay until I’ve taken what I want. I am strong enough to break those who oppose my will, but soft and sensuous as if designed to lull even the wildest into a peaceful submission. ​ | | | Miz Creant Website Twitter Instagram OnlyFans Fetish Fortress of New York (Chinatown) At the Fetish Fortress you can choose an Asian Dominatrix or slave for your enjoyment. Our dungeon playrooms are huge, immaculately clean, and fully equipped with a wide selection of toys and professionally built bondage apparatus. The Fetish Fortress Madame V of New York As a lover of Latex and Leather, Madame V is a sadistic Jamaican-American Dominatrix who enjoys connecting with subs psychologically, while destroying their egos in Her sessions. She enjoys wearing thigh-high stockings, thigh-high leather boots, and high-heeled shoes. Every submissive man that she meets privately in a discreet dungeon, will submit to Her, both mentally and physically. Besides Corporal Punishment, Madame V enjoys Medical Play, Bondage, and Sensory Deprivation. Madame V is available for sessions in a discreet commercial dungeon in New York City. For more information on booking a session and viewing Her skills. You can find Madame V's clips by visiting Madame V Website Mistress Fae of New York Devious. Passionate. Wickedly intelligent. As an elite NYC dominatrix, I intuitively weave together irresistible scenes that fulfill our shared desires. You'll whimper as I pin you underneath my 6" stilettos, both terrified and thrilled by the primal glint in my dark eyes. Soon you'll find yourself fantasizing about my hypnotic curves, craving the tension of my ropes against your skin, desperate to submit to my every command. Your power belongs to me... how will you break? Mistress Fae Miss Lydia of New York Discipline. Correction. Rectify. I am a firm believer that a sound spanking makes everything all right. I am Miss Lydia and I live in the world of discipline, spanking, correction, rectifying, ABDL, and all between. Strictly Miss Lydia Domina Mal Martine of New York I am a sleek and devious Alpha Female who is highly experienced in getting men to do my bidding. With many years of domination under my luxurious belt, you will easily do as I want. Clad in latex or leather I am impossible to resist. I absolutely love to tease and taunt with my long and lean yet curvy self while controlling you with my deep and dirty mind. I thoroughly enjoy reprogramming slaves, training sissies and sending pain sluts to deeper levels of sub space. My hypnotic voice and eyes make you want to submit. You will do anything for my attention and even more for my approval. Texting 917-830-3316 is acceptable between 10am-10pm Domina Mal Martine Ms Maya Midnight of New York (Manhattan) I am a skilled Mistress with a princessy style and a serious sadistic streak. I love heavy verbal humiliation and severe corporal punishment, but I also enjoy having my pretty feet and shapely, sexy legs worshipped as they deserve. I am gorgeous, playful, and very cruel. Ms Maya Midnight Miss Isabela of New York City I'm a lifestyle Female Supremacist with more than 20 years experience as a Pro-Domme in NYC! Sessions are tailored to the individual and your level of experience, and can range from sensual to sadistic; I enjoy role-play (especially when I represent an authority figure such as your Bitchy Boss, Governess, or Therapist). I love extended sessions, domestic discipline, humiliation, degradation, bondage, fetish, spanking, caning, and sissy play. Contact to discuss/book. Miss Isabela Goddess Gia Peccato of NYC I love corporal & sensual punishment, the way My hands sway to discipline you over My knee with sound spanks, canes, floggers, whips, paddles, brushes, etc. As you can already tell My mind and My hands have a perverse little treaty, the more they hurt you the more your pain arouses Me. I love med play, chastity, tt, especially when combined with My feet in heels & nylons as I walk over you & probe your mind in dual spectrums of pain & submission. I have many other little fetishes I love from leather to trance- I am an artist, be My canvas. Goddess Gia Peccato Miss Adah Vonn of New York Miss Vonn is a passionate, professional NY Dominatrix. She loves to tease and take control while you float away and escape everything except her grasp. The Poughkeepsie Pain Parlor is her private upstate NY dungeon, fully-equipped to put you in your place. Whether at home or on tour, sensual sadism awaits in the hands of this superior no-nonsense Domme. Mistress Adah Vonn Tygress Trimair of New York A True SADISTRIX, self proclaimed PEG(ASS)US, and Specialist of the Psychological Mindfuck. Surrender your body and mind to me. Disengage from the world and voluntarily submit yourself into mine. Your goddess accepts you for all of your fixations and desires and in return be a subject of my obsessions. Tygress Trimair Mistress Olivia Vexx, Boise Idaho Olivia Vexx - Dominatrix, Mistress, & Disciplinarian Mature and wise in the ways of control I am a Professional & Lifestyle Mistress with over 20 years of experience. I welcome curious novices as well as seasoned players to join me in exploring their BDSM, Fetish & Discipline fantasies. ​ | Olivia Vexx Website Twitter

  • UAE and Qata Dominatrix and Mistress Directory, Dubai Mistress, Dubai Dominatrix

    UAE / QATAR MISTRESSES miss nicky adams Miss Nicky Adams ​ I am always ready to put you under my hot spell. It's in your mind forcing you to submit to my powers. I can subdue you with a glance of my eyes or with a simple move of my hand. My mind will take you on a new trip where you will get to know your desires and your limits. But guess what? I will make you push them far away from what you have ever tried. Miss Nicky Adams LIVE DUNGEON CHAT ​ ​ ​

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  • Come Correct: How to Approach, Serve & Dazzle Dominant Femmes

    Myself and Mistress Viola Parker are teaching a Webinar for submissives that will help you avoid some of the pitfalls often made by those new to the scene. We also welcome dominant femmes who would like to contribute to the conversation. This is a webinar on Zoom. Viola and I will be on screen. Attendees are in the chat. It will be recorded so you can watch later if you aren't able to attend. May 7 @ 7:00 pm-9:00 pm "Natasha Strange and Viola Parker present a mini charm school for those with submissive inclinations, who desire to meet and serve dominant femmes. We will focus on coaching eager newbies on the fine art of kinky networking, both in-person and online (with a stronger focus on how to better connect online during social distancing)."

  • Financial domination is a spezial fetish

    Financial domination is also known in the BDSM world as findom. This is a special sexual fetish between her sub. The sub (slave) has to worship his goddess / Misstress / femdom to be her money slave. In the BDSM world he is called "cash pig, pay pig, finsub or human ATM and he has to give money to his FINdom / dominatrix / Mistress. This can take place at the ATM or at her studio or even online. Sometimes the Goddess likes to go shopping and he has to go with her and pays her bills. This is a special fetish - so be tolerant if you dont understand these kind of fetish - it is not for everbody! This is about power exchange. but the sub is not expeting anything in return for the money.

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