Miss DeLaVere 


As I possess a firm, lithe body and train every day in the gym to maintain My powerful physique, any slave luck enough to be granted
the privilege of serving Me in person will be expected to worship every part of My perfect body!  I often session totally naked other than for
spike-heeled stilettos, so as to afford My slaves the privilege of gazing upon My exquisite Female form.

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Mistress Kennya

You will notice nothing in your life was the same as the day it was when you found ME. I am every man\'s dream and nightmare in one. I am a real life dominatrix and you will immediately know without a doubt that I am m strong!

Mistress Kennya


Mistress Helen Ryder


I have my own special play room which is well equipped for domestic scenarios. Having come from a lifestyle background simply being my weekend hobby for many years and now living the dream working as a Professional Dominatrix that work has never been so much fun! Sissy Maids, Role-Play, Strap-on, CP, CBT and electrics are just a few of my favourite things. New to all this and nervous, then try an alternate massage instead. Visit my website for more details.

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Mistress Tess of Buckinghamshire


For me, having a male on his knees at my feet, it is empowering. It really brings home my complete enjoyment of female supremacy. That power exchange in going against the grain of the last so many thousands of years worth of misled society perception that male are the superior race, pre-feminism. We are in the age of the unstoppable rise of the females, claiming our rightful place as the superior race.

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Madame C of Hampshire


Where fantasy IS reality….. Madame C is a highly skilled naturally dominant female. Her controlling personality and eclectic mix of the bizarre, erotic and kinky will lead you into a world of pure hedonistic domination. Beautiful, discreet themed playrooms, TV Boudoir and Fully equipped Dungeon and Medical area all set in discreet private location. 5 minutes from J4 M3.

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Mistress Rose Wood of Farnborough


I am a professional /Mistress & Model based in Farnborough, Hampshire. I particually enjoy tie and tease and the more sensual side of domination. I have a small dungeon and bedroom I session in. I will be moving to larger premises later next year

Mistress Rose Wood


Miss Kitty Bliss of Kent


Divine Mistress (Professional & Lifestyle)... Refined & Revered! Tantalizingly tasty, sensual, STRICT and cruel when necessary pro Femdom for domination and sub training. Whether you are new to the scene or are highly experienced at being a sub - your fetish is my delight and I would like to welcome you my world of debauchery. Come with me on your journey of self discovery and enlightenment whatever your needs, desires, fears and fantasies. I will provide you with guidance, nurturing and strict discipline

Miss Kitty Bliss


Goddess Amore of Maidstone, Kent

I enjoy tapping into the submissive mind within a session. Using my learnt skills i am able to hypnotize/allure your willing mindset into a subspace. Once your captivated your mine - There is no escape At this point your probably feeling helpless/nervous? but excited at the same time i know exactly how your feeling - i can tell just by looking into your eyes, your shudders, the way you now portray yourself to me YOUR F**KED HAHAHAHA I really do have you on a wimb now dont i... Now that ive seduced your mind its time to play, you are already infatuated with me you will literally do anything i instruct or agree to whatever i want whenever i want no questions asked

Goddess Amore


HRH Princess Lola of Southampton

Hello, I'm Princess Lola, welcome to my world. A world where you will discover and explore BDSM in many forms as I take you on a journey with me, to mould and train you into my subservient slave. Once you are trapped in my web, your life will have just begun and you will be wanting more and more whilst I capture your soul, mind and body bit by bit. I have a well equipped playroom and welcome both novice and experienced subs for sessions. I set my standards high so prepare to be punished if you are not serving me in the correct way. I will make you tremble when you are in my presence, as I do with all my slaves. I love seeing the fear, I feed off of it. Ensure you read everything before contacting me.

HRH Princess Lola


Mistress Ingrith of Brighton, East Sussex

I am matured, curvy and very strict dominatrix with intoxicating smoking fetish. You will serve me, cherish me, worship my body and I might allow you to be my human ashtray. I'm based in Brighton but travel to London quite often. To make a booking message me your name, brief description of what you would like our session to look like and how much experience in BDSM you have.

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