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Mistress Thunder of London


I am Mistress Thunder a tall aggressive gorgeous blonde wrestling dominatrix. I go out of my way to cater to all session requests. I know each and every one of us is different so I take that time to find out what your individual needs are. I get very excited when playing with clients that trust me so I can take them further than they have been before, that is what gets me off. I love everything to do with what I do and it shows. I am very friendly out of session and easy to talk to... once we are in session IT IS A DIFFERENT STORY.

Mistress Thunder



Mistress Lilith of Glasgow


I am a Premier Domme based in a private and discreet abode in Glasgow (Scotland) which offers submissives a chance to explore their fetish fantasies in a safe environment that affords a fully equipped dungeon. I seek genuine slaves who share my fondness and enthusiasm for BDSM.

Mistress Lilith



Contessa Zoe Aspasia of Toronto


A Salacious Sophist, Muse, Temptress, Dominatrix, curiously creative with traditional and innovative tools and a twisted mind. I offer Sessions, Public Scenes, Online Scenes & Distance Training, Panties, Wrestling and frequently travel within North America. I enjoy the art of play, the arts, variety and re-invention, rethinking and allowing and encouraging self- exploration and capturing some of you lucky chosen to lead into your deepest fantasies, pushing and protecting along the way.

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Mistress Aveena of Montreal


I am a Gorgeous Pro-Domme from the East enjoying light to intense domination sessions. I am strict and sadistic, but sensual and playful at the same time. I am a cultivated young woman, I am perfectly bilingual and I simply bite into life with enthousiasm and joy! :-)

Mistress Aveena

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Mistress Emma Switch


I'm a muscular experienced dominatrix, trained in brazilian jiu itsu. I offer competitive, semi competitive and fantasy wrestling. Also, sessions which combine BDSM aspects (bondage, ballbusting etc) with wrestling are possible.

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